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My Shack

Having tried the main manafacturers, I have settled on Icom for my primary radio equipment. However using PMR radio's at work and at outside events has proved to me how robust they are, so I also use a number of re-programmed PMR radio's in my shack.

HF/6m : Icom IC7600
2m/70cms/23Cms : Icom IC910X
70cms FM : Icom 210 (Ex PMR) for local repeaters
4M FM : Motorola GM350
4M SSB : Spectrum Communications transverter connected to the 7600, (transverts from 10m) - This couples with a converted Microwave Modules linear amplifier which I purchased from a silent key sale and gives me around 100w on 4m.

Mobile :
2m/70cms : Yaesu FTM350
4m : Simoco SRM9000 (Ex PMR)

2m / 70cms / DSTAR : Icom IC E92AD
70cms / MotoTrbo (DMR) : Motorola DP3600

Antennas :
HF : Offset Dipole from M0CVO
6m : Moonraker halo in the loft
2m : Ex PMR Folded dipole in the loft
70cms : 2x Ex PMR folded dipoles in the loft
4m : Mobile whip on metal roof.

Misc :
Microphone : Heil PR40
Headphones : Beyer Dynamic DT770
Mixer : Alesis USB
PC Interface : Signalink USB
DStar Hotspot : 2m DVAP connected to a Raspberry Pi

Software :
CAT Control and Logging : Ham Radio Deluxe