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About the show

Welcome to the weekend giggle website.

So let's get the cookie warning out of the way first... "This page uses cookies. Mostly chocolate chip, it also uses cookie dough ice cream, along with fizzy drinks, and a fair amount (well.. a lot) of alcohol. (Please drink responsibly).

Emma and Martin met in November 2012 whilst working for the same radio station. They hit it off immediately and quickly became best friends. Due to their ability to gel with each other so well on air, listener feedback has always been positive and the show has continued to build in strength and audience each week.

The spoofs and silly parodies came next. The idea came in a car on the way back from a comedy night. Both Emma and Martin were in a bit of a giggly mood and hearing an advert on the radio began thinking of ways of making that advert funny. In fact it was just a silly half hour really, never did they think of "let's look for something silly for airplay", but, the more they thought about it, the more the temptation was to record it. So with an evening spare, armed with a vacant studio, and a box full of production music and silly sound effects, the first parody was recorded and produced. The title, was "Emma's Bath" and you can have a listen to that in the parody section of this website.

The idea for a podcast (technically a net-cast as the phrase, like "hoover" and "google" would refer to one particular company rather than an actual task) came about after some particularly good feedback given to Martin by a listener in April 2013. The feedback was simple, "you guys are hilarious, it's blatantly obvious that you are great friends, it's a pity that radio doesn't have more people like you" Martin went back to the log-tapes (actually an mp3 recording on a computer) for a listen. The point had been made and the wheels put in motion for a podcast.

In June 2013 the bullet had been bitten. Well, it wasn't really a bullet, more some chocolate cake, but you get the idea, and "The Weekend Giggle" was born. The idea is simple, you take the best bits of the show, take out any commercial music, add a bit of commentary and a few extra bits and release it as a podcast.

So where can you get it from? Well, there's this website for one, just click the "Podcast Download" button on the top left of the page. Alternatively you can get it on all good podcast catchers or iTunes.

Feedback is most welcome, but please don't be negative. If you have some constructive criticism, we'd be interested to hear it. Suggestions for content, or ideas for spoofs or parodies are also most welcome.