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Emma and Martin

Did you always want to be on the radio?
Martin : No, in fact as a kid i remember thinking that it was the one job i thought i'd never be able to do!
Emma : No, (Sorry, may have lied on the old CV but who doesn't?), I was more interested in becoming an actress than a radio presenter.

Why did you get into radio?
Martin : People kept telling me I have a voice for radio. Thinking back.. I think they may have said "face" for radio. Either way, broadcasting is my passion, ten years and five stations later and im still doing a job I love!
Emma : I really wish that someone had told me that I was born to be on the radio and I should follow my radio dreams. Truth is that I was bored on a train and wanted a new hobby.

Whats the best bit about working on this show?
Martin : Definately Emma, not only am I doing a job that I love, im doing it with my best friend. How many people can say that about their job?
Emma : The amount of laughs that we have, I don't think that I've done a show without laughing once. Oh and working with Martin, it's not like that was an afterthought or anything.

Whats the most memorable funny moment on air so far?
Martin : Thats got to be Andy, he's the guy that presents the show after us, he was trying to creep into the studio quietly while we were on air, but he's 6ft6 and walked into the studio wearing sunglasses, and promptly smacked his head against the top of the studio door! We shouldn't laugh at his misfortune, but it makes me chuckle every time I think of it! Someday we will have to dig out the audio clip! Strangely, this was the inspiration for the "Generic Accident Helpline" spoof!
Emma : : I have had some amazing one liners which Martin loves to record and play back to me, "just put that in there, you're messing with my head" has to be a favourite.