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Spoofs and Parodies

We are always thinking up and producing new spoofs and parodies for the show, here you can listen to some of our favourites.

Generic Accident Helpline
Fed up with those annoying ads on the TV? "Have you been hurt in an accident that wasn't your fault?" Yep so are we. Here's our take on the matter.

Sleazy Gym
We were voicing a couple of radio adverts today, and wondered what would happen if we were ever asked to write an advert for a gym.

If Emma became Pope
In the week that saw a new Pope elected, we wondered what would have happened if Emma had become Pope, and what her acceptance speech would have sounded like!

The President and Simon Cowell
In the week it was announced that the authorities had been hacking peoples' social media accounts and a girl was throwing eggs at Simon Cowell on TV, we wondered if the president knew? (Sorry about our dodgy American accents!)

Emma's Bath
This was actually our first parody based on an advert we heard on the radio. We thought we'd give it our own unique touch.

Daft Train Announcements
Emma got stuck on the train this week and had to listen to tedious excuses on the train's PA system. We wondered how silly those excuses could get.